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Join our Factory Family!!!!

As a seasonal restaurant, we offer a great chance to work hard and then have time to relax, recoup, and enjoy friends and family each holiday season.  Or many choose to head to warmer weather for a couple of months and join us again each spring.  We are always looking for energetic, smiling people to join our adventure, and with a willingness to work hard and always learn with an intent to teach, you can be a major part of our team.

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Quality is Our Specialty

Since 1978, The Spaghetti Factory has built its reputation on quality.  The best steaks, the freshest haddock, homemade sauces, soups, and more.   John and Barb Gwilt started with a single, small dining room and tiny kitchen.  Their dedication to quality and making guests into friends led to a need to add additional dining space, not once, but twice, and also a need to more than double the size of the kitchen.  


The recipe for success was in place, making it an easy transition in 2019, after the Gwilts retirement.  The staff stayed, the recipes are the same, always using the same highest quality ingredients.  Over the past few years, the entire restaurant has undergone remodeling and updating, not to fix anything, but to enhance and improve the atmosphere.  We can now proudly say that the restaurant matches the quality of the food and the people.  


When you work at The Spaghetti Factory you know a few things to be true - You are working in the nicest restaurant, with the friendliest people.  You are serving the best food around and it always fresh, made to order.  You have job security in one of the most established restaurants around.  Take pride in where you work, and join a family that knows you are important. 

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